Abbi and Ilana Are Up for a Fight in New ‘Broad City’ Season 3 Promo


Abbi and Ilana are back for round three of Broad City and this time it’s serious. With the third season’s premiere just a couple weeks away, Abbi and Ilana are getting ready for the big day with… a boxing match?

Before they even enter the ring, it’s clear that the fight between Abbi “The Anxious Assassin” Abrams and Ilana, “The Jew-nami” Wexler is going to be intense. The sparks are about to fly. Bones will be broken. You could cut the tension with a knife when… Oh wait, this is Broad City. Nobody’s getting punched here.

(Oh yeah, and don’t worry if those nicknames don’t work for you; there are plenty more where they came from.)

Broad City returns to Comedy Central February 17.