Adele Sets Fire to Trump’s Reign, Tells Him Not to Use Her Music


The soundtrack is the most important part of any political rally. More than a candidate’s speech, the tone of the music sets the mood and creates the feeling that lingers with viewers and attendees long after the confetti falls and the lights go off. That power is why “Rockin’ In The Free World” and “Born In The U.S.A.” have been played nonstop at rallies since they were written: they sound American, and they inspire patriotism! Adele’s “Skyfall,” a song written for a James Bond film? Not so much. Yet, Trump still played it at a rally in Columbus, Ohio. And Adele was not too happy about it.

Like the long list of musicians that came before her — most recently, Aerosmith — Adele has released a statement through her publicist that insists that no politician is permitted to use her music in any way. Why anyone would want to use Adele’s music, which is often brooding and vengeful and based mostly on love, is a mystery. It’s an especially curious choice for Trump, who does not usually allow for any subtlety in his political messaging. Maybe it’s just because he’s a huuuge fan?

In other political news, Azealia Banks recently came out in support of Trump:

Kid Rock also came out in support of Trump, using the amazing logic that Trump is a businessman, and governments should be run as businesses. Yes, because if a country is failing, the lesser citizens should be fired, profits should be prioritized above all else, and breaks must be approved by supervisors.

Here’s hoping “Bawitdaba” plays at Trump’s next rally.