James Corden to Host Tony Awards, Also Celebrates Groundhog Day


Nobody sells a joke like James Corden. Since taking over The Late Late Show on March of 2015, he’s overcome any anxiety and grown into his role as creator of viral content, what with those charming car sing-alongs. So he should do well, then, as the host of the 2016 Tony Awards, a job that, more than anything else, requires the ability to sell a joke, no matter how flat it falls.

Corden is a past Tony winner, having been named as Best Actor in a Play for his role in One Man, Two Guvnors. The 2016 Tony Awards will be held Sunday, June 12, at the Beacon Theater. It’ll be broadcast at 8 p.m.

Corden is also in the news today for making even more of that sweet viral #content, this time with a very committed play on the 1993 dark comedy Groundhog Day, the film which maybe woke the public to the fact that Bill Murray has chops beyond the comedic.

Watch that video below, but good luck getting past the six-minute mark. Turns out the story isn’t so charming without Andie MacDowell.