A Punk Band Meets Some Neo-Nazis in New ‘Green Room’ Trailer


What happens when the members of a punk band accidentally walk in on a grisly murder orchestrated at the hands of a group of white supremacist neo-Nazis? If your answer floated somewhere in the realm of, “They get trapped, held hostage indefinitely, and tortured to the point that they themselves result to violence in true ‘do-or-die’ fashion,” then you’d be correct. Or, at least that’s what Green Room, the upcoming Jeremy Saulnier film, would have us think.

Green Room first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last May and was instantly showered with praise. Many have said it is a worthy successor to Saulnier’s last thriller, 2013’s Blue Ruin. (Wow, the man sure does love a movie with a color in the title, doesn’t he?)

Watch the official red band trailer below, but hold on to your seats because Green Room hits theaters on April 15, 2016.