Which Films Are the Most Sex-Obsessed?


Which widely available films on streaming services are actually the most sex-obsessed? Turns out it helps if they have to do with Shakespeare.

A British sex ed and sexual health website analyzed the scripts of over 1,200 films and discovered which had the most sex-related terms in them, ” based on blatant mentions of sex and sex-related topics.” The winners were Shakespeare in Love, about the Bard, and Anonymous, about a guy who allegedly wrote the Bard’s plays. We all know that Shakespeare was something of a horndog who loved putting sexual puns in his sonnets and plays so on some weird level, this makes sense.

Not all the results were quite what one might have expected (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comes in above Sex, Lies and Videotape?) and not all of the movies are exactly “sexy” ones.

Still, it’s an intriguing list:

They also looked at the prevalence of raunchy language over the years, noting that “the number of sexual mentions began increasing in the mid-1990s and has been on a sharp incline ever since.”

Check out more at the site, including charts revealing which actors and genres are correlated with naughty words.