Kanye, In a Startling Act of Humility, Recants “Album of The Life” Tweet


Kanye West has a Twitter account, and he sometimes says things on it. Last week, he said a lot of things on it. One of those things was that his upcoming album, Waves (or Swish, or So Help Me God) was not the greatest album of all time, but the “album of the life.” Last night, he changed his mind.

This is the tweet that Kanye no longer holds as truth:

And here are the tweets that declare Kanye’s current, of-the-moment stance:

So, Kanye has downgraded Waves from the greatest album to just one of the greatest albums, which, in the land of Kanye West, is a pretty major act of humility.

The album is scheduled for a February 11 release, but Kanye has been in the studio working as recently as January 30. Of course, Kanye could drop this album digitally with little-to-no artwork, as he did with Yeezus back in 2013, so maybe the fact that he’s still working on the album has nothing to do with its impending release. He does, at the very least, have a fashion show to run on that day.

Anyway, this, paired with recent news that Kanye’s beef with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose has, for the moment, been resolved, is perhaps a sign of Kanye’s ability to take responsibility for his actions — and not just his good ones.