Robert Durst, Subject of ‘The Jinx,’ Pleads Guilty to Gun Charges


Robert Durst, subject of HBO’s true crime documentary The Jinx, is one step closer to serving quite a bit of time in prison. The New York Times reports that Durst has plead guilty in a New Orleans federal court to illegally possessing a .38-caliber revolver.

Durst was arrested in New Orleans in March of 2015, as authorities were worried he would flee the country. Police searched his hotel room and found the firearm, which he was not meant to have because of his prior felony conviction. Because of an arranged plea bargain, Durst — who is 72 — will face 85 months in federal prison for the gun-related crime. He will later face extradition to Los Angeles to face charges in the murder of his former friend, Susan Berman.

Durst is part of a very wealthy New York family — his father, Seymour Durst, owned a dozen skyscrapers in NYC — and is said to be worth nearly $100 million. He has long been suspected of many crimes, as was detailed in Andrew Jarecki’s The Jinx. Famously, Durst was arrested just around the time of the finale of the series, causing some to suspect that something shady was at play behind the scenes.

Because of the sluggish process of the courts system, any decision made regarding Durst’s alleged murders will probably not be made anytime soon.