You Could Be in M83: Band Issues Open Call for “Female Singer-Keyboardist”


Have you always wanted to start a band, but didn’t want to deal with the decade-plus of playing empty bars, driving in broken-down vans, and living off of your parents’ good will? Oh, also, are you a female who sings and plays keyboards? Then your time is here! M83, an established, successful band is looking to hire a new woman!

Morgan Kibby, the band’s last woman who plays keyboards, left a while ago, and the band is looking to ramp things up again, entering the studio for the first time since 2011’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

Here’s what you need, via Pitchfork:

You must be able to rehearse with the band in Los Angeles in March; you must be free to travel and work from April to December 2016; you must have a passport valid for the next two years; you must not have a criminal history that would keep you from traveling between countries. Applicants will have to provide videos of their singing and keyboard playing.

Anthony Gonzalez, singer and founder of M83, has done this before, searching for a new band member in 2011. That search resulted in Jordan Lawlor, who has been in the band ever since. So, maybe this process works? But maybe they should make a reality show for it, called, maybe, M83 And Me: The Search For The Next Great Indie Female Keyboard Singer, to be aired this summer on VH1, Thursday nights, at 8 p.m.