Watch Samantha Bee Call Donald Trump a “Scrotum-Faced Carnival Barker” in ‘Full Frontal’ Clip


Samantha Bee is a Daily Show alum, but given the quality of her new show, Full Frontal , her comedic chops have surpassed those of most of her peers. In a new clip from her upcoming TBS series, she skewers politicians with enough tremendous acidity to make Bill Maher blush.

In the four-minute clip below, Bee takes on the GOP debate that took place last week, just before the Iowa caucus. (You know, the one on Fox News, without Donald Trump — the one he now blames, in-part, for his loss in Iowa.) Bee calls Trump a “scrotum-faced carnival barker,” presents damning evidence to prove that Ben Carson is, in fact, a robot, and generally gives all the candidates the guff.

Watch the clip below. The show premieres on TBS on Monday, February 8.