New Search Engine Pairs ‘Simpsons’ Scenes to Your ‘Simpsons’ Quotes


Have you ever had a Simpsons quote stuck in your head for days, only you can’t remember what scene it’s from, or even which episode from which season? Me neither. But, in case that happens in the future, there’s now a search engine — Frinkiac — that does just that.

Wired has a brief interview with the creators — Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte, and Allie Young — in which they describe the process of the site’s creation, and it doesn’t sound too counterintuitive: just a bunch of uploading of episodes, some code work, and then some handy testing. Huh. Sounds easy! (Oh, and the name? In honor of Springfield’s crazy Professor Frink, obviously.)

Anyway, the site seems pretty accurate with exact quotes but is less stellar in thematic searches. For instance, a search of “butt” leads to plenty of references to butter, but very little talk of actual butts. Perfection doesn’t come easy, I guess. Hey, at least Simpsons screen captures do, thanks to this new site.