#CancelColbert Creator Will Discuss Backlash on ‘The Internet Ruined My Life’


In a little over a month, Syfy will premiere its newest show, The Internet Ruined My Life. The six-part unscripted series aims to expose the “power and dangers” of the internet and social media by telling first person accounts of people who have, well, ruined their lives through “one ‘innocent’ action” on the internet.

One of these storytellers has been revealed as Chicago activist Suey Park, who, after responding to a seemingly racist tweet sent out on the official The Colbert Report Twitter account in 2014, allegedly (according to a press release from the Syfy network) received “death threats and eventually a sniper outside her window threatening to pull the trigger.”

The series will also feature stories from a British traveller who was suspected of being a terrorist after using “destroy America” (in a British slang sense) on Twitter, an aspiring actress who was blacklisted from the industry after tweeting about a Glee rumor, a makeup artist who accidentally turned her client into a Before/After meme, and a Mississippi woman who was run out of town after replying to a Facebook status with the wrong emoji, plus more.

The Internet Ruined My Life premieres on Wednesday, March 9 at 10 PM ET/PT.