Kanye West’s Album Rollout Just Keeps Getting Crazier


Remember when Kanye West initially announced his seventh studio album with the brilliant title So Help Me God? (Duh. What other name could possibly follow something as utterly incendiary as Yeezus?) That was less than a year ago and already Kanye has renamed the highly anticipated album twice: first switching it to Swish last May, and then, just a week ago, changing it to Waves.

Well, as has been the case for almost everything involving this current era —like the fact that the excellent lead single “All Day” won’t even be on the album— we must learn to always expect the unexpected when it comes to Mr. West. This morning, in an interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3, Kanye revealed that the album is actually still untitled. Confessing that “we don’t have a name…yet,” Kanye told Big Boy that Kim Kardashian’s tweet poll asking the fans what their favorite title was came about because he “wanted to get people’s opinions about how they felt.”

Furthermore, Kanye is still using Twitter to be the ultimate troll. Last night, he tweeted an alleged Rolling Stone cover that was shot by Tyler, The Creator and was captioned with the question “Does he like mustard?” Apparently the cover was not official and Rolling Stone responded to set the record straight —although they did admit to being really interested in the question: Does Kanye like mustard or not? Kanye, always one to get the last word, followed up to assert his dominance over the media, claiming that he “bet[s] you this still becomes the cover though…” He then followed up with a poll.

As we all sit and wait patiently to see what exactly we’ll get next Thursday when So Help Me God/Swish/Waves/something else is finally released, you can check out Kanye’s most recent tracklist below. But don’t get too attached because it could change at any time.