Fox’s Biblical Live Musical Special ‘The Passion’ Adds Seal its Cast


Next month, Fox will air The Passion, the latest installment in a recent string of big network live musicals—like NBC’s The Wiz Live! in December, and last week’s airing of Fox’s Grease: Live. The Passion is a modern-day retelling of Jesus Christ’s last days on Earth. It will combine Bible passages with a “variety of popular music” to take the viewer through the Last Supper, Judas’ betrayal, Jesus’ trial, his execution, and his ultimate resurrection.

Today, Deadline reported that Seal is the latest addition to the special’s cast. The multi-Grammy award winner will take on the role of Pontius Pilate, the reluctant Roman prefect who is unfortunately tasked with putting Jesus Christ on trial and, ultimately, sending him to his crucifixion.

The Passion will air live from New Orleans on Palm Sunday, March 20.