Solange Doesn’t “Give a Fuck” About Critics’ Opinions of Brandy


When Brandy released her sixth studio effort Two Eleven in 2012, some music writers reviewed the album in a manner that didn’t sit well with Solange. A few months after the album’s release, the younger Knowles sister took to Twitter to air out her grievances, accusing the reviewers of being unfamiliar with the culture and history of R&B as a whole—and, thus, unsuitable to give the album a “grade” or “score.”

Now, as Brandy gears up to release the follow up “movement” to Two Eleven, Solange’s website Saint Heron has conducted an extensive interview with the singer about her lasting impact on R&B. In a preemptive effort to ward off annoying writers that might want to speak negatively about Brandy without first familiarizing themselves with the R&B singer’s amazing discography, Solange has once again taken to Twitter to give out some warnings. She singles out New York Times writer Jon Caramanica, who allegedly said in a podcast after the initial Brandy-related argument that Solange was essentially “biting the hand that feeds her.”

Catch up with the tweets below: