The New Ghostbusters — and Their Receptionist, and a “Daemon” — Get Legoized


LEGO has announced — with images to back their announcement up — that they’re LEGOizing the new all women cast of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, as well as some of the film’s ghost-busting accoutrements. According to Time, the LEGO set was unveiled in anticipation of this year’s Toy Fair, and even bears a small spoiler.

The set features a LEGO version of the ECTO-1 car, the ECTO 2 Bike, and the key cast members’ characters, who, from what is known of the plot thus far, are: Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig), the ghost-book-author-turned-Columbia-professor-turned-professional buster, Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy), Gilbert’s fellow paranormal author, Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones), the MTA worker turned buster, Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), the nuclear engineer turned buster, and Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), the receptionist.

The spoiler that comes alongside the set is the hint that, from what his two-sided-head of a LEGO would suggest, Kevin gets possessed. There’s also a sixth LEGO, according to Yahoo — a “red Daemon,” which could be the key ghost, or, fine, Daemon, this squad of impeccable comedians/paranormal crime-fighters are busting.

The LEGO set comes out on July 1, in advance of the film’s July 25 release.

Here’s a legoized Kristen Wiig:

A legoized Leslie Jones:

A legoized Kate McKinnon:

A legoized Melissa McCarthy:

A legoized, er, this:

(While it’s easy to note the likeness between the Legos and their human subjects, there’s of course no telling yet how this compares to the real “red Daemon”).

And here’s a legoized Chris Hemsworth:

And a legoized/possessed Chris Hemsworth:

And the full gang, together:

And, if we’re comparing: