The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Larry David


This is the only SNL episode that matters as we go deeper into the presidential primaries. Larry David has appeared as a guest on the series, impersonating (without having to try very hard) Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Last night, there was visual proof that they are not actually the same person as Sanders did indeed make a cameo. Sanders also makes a very Larry David introduction when musical guest The 1975 hit the stage (lead singer Matthew Healy could be the love child of Dave Gahan and googly–eyed Robert Smith). See how it all went down last night, below.

The Best

Message from Ted Cruz Cold Open

Taran Killam does his best Ted Cruz — complete with creepy hug and kiss for his disgusted daughter. “From the side, I look like a Far Side cartoon.”

Larry David Monologue

Larry David does Larry David — and we learn that being a “poor schmuck” and a “rich prick” is pretty much the same thing. He doesn’t want us to get our hopes up about his episode. “Honestly, I can’t wait to leave.”

FBI Simulator

Larry David with hair is weird and funny. Larry David with a terrible wig and orange suit saying, “Can a bitch get a donut?” is funnier.

Bern Your Enthusiasm

Just like a real Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, in which Larry’s Bernie loses by a few votes because he’s afraid of shaking “germ-infested” hands and the like.

Steam Ship

If only to see Larry and Bernie Sanders together to confirm they are not actually the same person.


The best pre-recorded sketch we’ve seen SNL do in ages.

Weekend Update

Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson’s Hansel visit the desk to discuss the “Iowa Couscous” and Hillary Clinton’s fashion doppelgänger.

Last Call With Larry David

Would watch a TV series with these two.

The Worst

Songwriting Class

Larry’s character is obsessed with frogs, but the yarn he spins in a songwriting class doesn’t get crazy enough to be that interesting, even if his delivery is great.

Peyton & Cam

Would this be funnier if I had the first clue about football?

Musical Guest: The 1975