Here’s Your Teaser (and Title) For the New ‘Bourne’ Movie


The new Jason Bourne movie has been a bit of a question mark since its inception and announcement back in 2014. The first question has been one of the biggest: what the hell is it even called? Last night, during one of the many coveted commercial breaks of Sports Bowl 50, we found out – and got our first peek at one of the year’s most anticipated movies.

The franchise’s history is nearly as complicated as that of its protagonist. Though Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Identity was first adapted into a TV mini-series back in 1988, it didn’t make it to the silver screen until 2002, under the guidance of director Doug Liman – and that film was only very loosely connected to the Ludlum book. The next two films in the series – The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum – also took their titles from Ludlum novels, though they had even less to do with the source material; screenwriter Tony Gilroy and star Matt Damon returned, but Paul Greengrass took over as director. (The third film also mostly took place during the second, but let’s not open that can of worms.)

Once Damon and Greengrass departed the series, ongoing screenwriter Gilroy took over as writer/director, and though The Bourne Legacy – with Jeremy Renner stepping into the lead – was reasonably well-received in 2012, it was the series’ lowest-grossing entry to date, which was apparently enough to get Universal to lure Greengrass and Damon back into the fold. (Gilroy was apparently not involved in the new film; the script is currently credited to Damon, Greengrass, and Greengrass’ frequent editor Christopher Crouse.)

Oh yes, and that title. The new film eschews the The Bourne titling convention to go the Rocky route, with the fourth/fifth film dubbed, simply, Jason Bourne. Oh, and not to bury the lede, but it looks like this film’s role of designated government villain (previously filled by such luminaries as Chris Cooper, Joan Allen, David Straithairn, and Edward Norton) will be filled by Tommy Lee Jones.

And here’s that teaser:

Jason Bourne is out July 29.