Elton John Forced to Relive “Crocodile Rock” in James Corden’s Car


It was the coveted post-Super Bowl 50 times slot, and James Corden, ceaseless and tireless host of The Late Late Show, spent it churning out more viral content in the form of yet another episode of “Carpool Karaoke,” this time featuring Elton John.

Elton is always game to have some fun, so it’s hard to remember back to when he first came on the scene as a super-talented singer, songwriter, and performer. Things like “Crocodile Rock” are, to most Elton fans, a blight on his songwriting history, one of those little ditties folks write to give the label a big hit to buoy their smaller, more songwriter-ly material. It’s a song that, I think, we’d all like to forget. And yet.

And yet James Corden insisted on getting Elton into his car in goofy sunglasses and a feather boa to sing “Crocodile Rock” while driving around in the rain. What’s worse is the American Apparel bag visible in the back seat throughout the skit. Alright, maybe it isn’t worse, but it’s pretty distracting.

Anyway, watch below. It’s all fun, sure. But is it good fun? Decide for yourself.