Netflix Acquires ‘Look Who’s Back,’ a Madcap Hitler Satire


Last year, director David Wnendt’s Look Who’s Back, a black satire that imagines Adolf Hitler resurrected in modern Germany, made more than $20 million in that country. Now, Netflix has recognized the world’s desire to see Hitler come to life in the age of the Internet, and so they’ve acquired the (nearly!) worldwide rights to the film.

The movie, which is adapted from the 2012 bestselling book by Timur Vermes, presupposes that Hitler did not die, and that he wakes up — having not aged a single bit! — in the present day, forced to reconcile the fact of Germany’s relative diversity and also that Adolf Hitler, as a username, has already been claimed on websites worldwide. Hilarious! The film was initially only screened in Europe, but now, Netflix is giving it to all of us.

Well, not all of us. The rights that were acquired do not allow for streaming in several countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, and Taiwan. For those of you not located in those countries, though: rejoice! You can enjoy Look Who’s Back on Netflix come April 9.

Watch a quality fan-made trailer (with fan-made subtitles) below.