Lady Gaga Pretty Much Nailed the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50


Lady Gaga, once best known for meat dresses and big budget music videos, has completed her career rehabilitation. Last night, her performance of the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 hammered home the fact that, beyond American Horror Story and Tony Bennett collaborations, Gaga can sing, and she does it damn well.

Decked out in a custom Gucci red glitter suit, stark white hair, and blue fingernails, Gaga represented the Stars and Stripes just as someone like Dolly Parton would, and she had the vocals to back it up. Remarkably, the audience at the Super Bowl, which, one would assume, would be predisposed against the theatrics of Gaga, cheered almost entirely throughout her performance, proving that, if nothing else, Middle America has forgiven Gaga’s Artpop sins.

This stellar performance probably eased some fears of music fans, too, as Gaga is set to perform a medley tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys on President’s Day, February 15. “Fame” isn’t exactly on the same vocal scale as the national anthem, sure, but it’s best performed in something like a bedazzled Gucci suit.

Watch the performance below, so long as the NFL allows it.