Watch the Trailer for Pedro Almodóvar’s New Film, ‘Julieta’


Anyone in tune with the arthouse set knows that a new film from Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar is a Big Deal. So, we’re happy to report that a new international trailer for his latest (and 20th!) work, Julieta, has just dropped.

Starring both Emma Suárez and Adriana Ugarte as the titular Julieta, the film will follow 35 years of that woman’s life. Part of it seems to be focused on a missing person, or, more likely in the case of Almodóvar, a failed relationship between mother and daughter. The film was previously titled Silencio, so that might hint at whatever brooding story unfolds in the film.

Watch the trailer below. There’s not currently a U.S. release date, but Sony Pictures Classics has acquired the rights to distribute the film in the States, so it should be coming sometime this year.