Gwen Stefani Tweets the Tracklist for ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ — Her First Album in a Decade


Gwen Stefani released the synthpop ballad “Used to Love You” last October, and the track was lauded for its emotional candor surrounding her divorce with Gavin Rossdale. (It was accompanied by a less impactful video of Stefani simply singing and crying into the camera, which in its attempted simplicity and emotional authenticity, seemed uncomfortably staged.) Since that promising first track (if not the video), fans have been greatly anticipating the potential album the song teased, and today Stefani gave them something concrete to anticipate: a tracklist, comprising 12 songs, and the album’s title. The singer Tweeted the tracklist:

Rolling Stone confirms that the text of the Tweet is the album’s title. From the looks of the songs’ names, it seems a great deal of the album will be about the breakup/healing process, with tracks called “Misery,” “Truth,” “Me With Out You” and “Used to Love Me.” The album will be released through Interscope on March 18, and both Rolling Stone and Stefani’s Twitter account hint at a collaboration with Target (what will Petco think?) to make the “the first music video created on live television,” directed by Sophie Muller, to be shot during a Grammys commercial break.

That video will be for the album’s next single, “Make Me Like You,” (perhaps a prequel to “Used to Love Me?”); the single will be released on February 12.