There’s an Overwhelming Amount to Love in the ‘Broad City’ Season 3 Trailer


This really is quite glorious. My personal excitement in watching the just-released Broad City Season 3 trailer peaked when Jaime (Arturo Castro) tells Ilana it’s time to get off Grindr, and she turns around, sobbing, and moans, “I just want to see penises within a mile of me” as a lonely tear drops down her chin. Surely you will have your own moment with this trailer — or, more likely, many moments.

And lest you start to feel a sense of loss following the end of this 1.5 minutes of hilarity, go back and re-watch the opening clip. It begins with a simple idea from Abbi — “a gynecologist that’s also a bikini waxer,” leading to astute commentary from Ilana — “that’s like a one-stop pussy shop.” You may have chuckled and thought that was the end of the joke, but in the background, it looks like someone in the park where they’re sitting, fantasizing about gynecological/waxicological revolutions, is dying, as people swarm around a still, supine body. What’s really happening? Who are we really watching? It’s like the last scene in Caché! There’s so much here.

Between this, plans for a vacation (Broad City abroad sounds great), gallery openings (suggesting an actual spike in Abbi’s art career?!), seeming basketball game losses to children, dog hoodies, a cameo from Cynthia Nixon, the return of Susie Essman, and more, this should certainly keep us satisfied until the not-too-distant Season 3 release date — February 17.