Melissa McCarthy Raps Kanye’s Deep Cut, “Butterscotch Man,” in New ‘SNL’ Ad


Kanye West has plenty of hit singles — “Stronger,” “Jesus Walks,” “Gold Digger,” “Touch the Sky,” — but true fans know that his excellence shines most brightly on the deep cuts. You know, all of 808s & Heartbreak, “Guilt Trip,” and little-known banger “Butterscotch Man.” Melissa McCarthy is a huge fan, apparently, because she raps the hell out of “Butterscotch Man” in this new SNL ad.

In the ad, she and SNL all-star Vanessa Bayer sit in a nail salon as they discuss the appropriateness of saying to their beauticians that they “nailed it,” what their nail color names are (spoiler: “Saturday Night” and “Candy Whore”), and, of course, their favorite Kanye track. “Butterscotch Man” is not a real song, if you haven’t guessed, but McCarthy goes ahead and tries to rap it anyway, resulting in a pretty funny “white woman tries to rap” situation, because those are timeless.

McCarthy hosts this Saturday’s SNL. Kanye West is the musical guest. His album drops tomorrow, February 11, supposedly. What Kanye-centric bits would you like to see? Something related to Twitter, I hope. Something with Jay Pharoah as Jay Z. Something with Vannessa Bayer as Kris Jenner, scolding Kanye for every stupid thing he’s done in 2016. More realistic, though, is Kanye not appearing at all outside of his performances. But, we can all hope.

Watch the SNL ad below. Stick around for the Yeezus-sounding snippet of “Butterscotch Man.”