Kanye’s Latest Album Title Is…


Kanye West, he who hath run amok on social media for all of 2016, is putting an album out today, February 11, in conjunction with his fashion show at Madison Square Garden. There have been many names for this album: So Help Me God, SWISH, WAVES, and, finally, T.L.O.P., the meaning of which was a mystery until late last night. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the final title of Kanye’s upcoming album is… The Life of Pablo?

Kanye announced the album title, again, on Twitter, with another tracklist that doesn’t have any high school graffiti, as the first did:

The original title/tracklist announcement:

You’ll notice some changes in the tracklists, most notable, though, is the absence of “No More Parties in LA,” which was a pretty great jam featuring Kendrick Lamar, so it’s definitely surprising that the track went missing.

We’ll see if this actually ends up being the final name and tracklist. At this point it would seem more like Kanye to just release the album as a soundtrack to his upcoming fashion show, forcing the public to reconcile that he is a serious Fashion Designer. Also: who is Pablo?

Anyway, I think everyone is at the point of exhaustion in regards to Kanye on Twitter, so, please, Kanye: put out the album, put out the clothing line, perform on SNL, and take a break.