Watch Official Footage of Arcade Fire’s Bowie Parade in New Orleans


David Bowie was, more than most legacy rock artists, involved in the careers of up-and-coming musicians. One of the acts he was credited with supporting most was Arcade Fire, the Canadian group that grew from a blog-buzzed thing to Grammy-winning legends in the span of a decade. (They performed together in 2005.) It’s fitting, then, that, last month, Arcade Fire and New Orleans’ own Preservation Hall Jazz Band organized a parade through the French Quarter of New Orleans in tribute to Bowie. The group has just released official footage from the parade.

The clip shows pieces of performances of Bowie songs, including “Heroes,” “Oh! You Pretty Things,” and “Suffragette City,” as well as brief speeches from Win Butler and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s Ben Jaffe. The whole thing is touching, exciting, and energizing, just as Bowie would’ve hoped.

Arcade Fire also tweeted their thanks to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band last night, in a touching reminder that, indie rock stars or not, Win, Régine, and the rest of the crew are sweethearts.

Watch the clip below.