Will Arnett Has Both Chest and Facial Hair in Trailer for New Netflix Show, ‘Flaked’


Since the surprise blow-up of the wildly uneven Arrested Development, Will Arnett has been pigeonholed into playing attractive, stupid, mean people. Well, enough, of that: in the first trailer for his upcoming Netflix series, Flaked, he has facial hair, chest hair, and an addiction! Take that, Hollywood!

In the new trailer — and, presumably, the new show — Arnett plays a recovering addict, though his addiction remains unspecified. He is also a self-help guru, because that is a thing that exists in TV shows and also Los Angeles. In addition to Arnett, the show stars Lina Esco, David Sullivan, and George Basil, who plays a man named Cooler, though he doesn’t seem to be filled with ice and a day’s worth of Miller Lite, so who knows what that name could be referring to.

Watch the trailer below. The show will land on Netflix on March 11. We’re rooting for you, Will!