‘Master of None’ Is (of Course) Getting a (Distant) Second Season


Dev Shah may be Master of None (though really that title’s never quite seemed to fit), but the same cannot be said for Aziz Ansari, who’s of course received heaping praise for his Netflix series. And following all that praise comes the inevitable announcement that Master of None has been renewed for a second season. Good news. But some will be a little dismayed by the bit of news that accompanies it: as confirmed by Ansari on Twitter, it won’t arrive until sometime in 2017:

When you think about it, it makes sense, thematically. The penultimate episode of Master of None traverses a whole year of mornings in protagonist Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari) and his girlfriend’s (Noël Wells) lives. While most half-hour episodes of television may give you a day or a couple in characters’ existences, that episode captured all the tenderness and bitterness of a sprawling amount of time. It’s like Ansari was storing up for a long Winter.

But it also makes sense simply because Ansari had already hinted that it’d be a while before he made another season in the past. “I need some time to refill my head,” Ansari said during a Television Critics Association press tour in January. “The first season was so personal and I want to make sure that what ever we do for season two lives up to what we did for season one. We’d love to do it; we’re figuring it out.”

At least this will give Dev a very long time to master pasta-making.