Kristen Wiig Struts Her Not-Quite-Encyclopedic Football Knowledge in Peyton Manning Impersonation


In the spiritual sequel to Kristen Wiig appearing on the Tonight Show as Daenerys, the comedian showed up last night dressed as Denver Bronco Peyton Manning — a person I may have just learned was a Denver Bronco — to speak with Jimmy Fallon.

As in the Daenerys segment — where Wiig wore a plastic dragon on her shoulder and a blonde wig and spoke like Kristen Wiig — the joke was that Wiig did not really impersonate Peyton Manning so much as appear as Wiig estimating what a football/a Peyton Manning is. When asked to describe his feelings having participated in the Super Bowl last weekend, Manning-Wiig stated:

I’m thinking…I’m so far from the line…and I have to get it to the… I have to do it…I have to get this ball to the guy.

Wiig and Fallon then launch into a bit of biographical information about Manning-Wiig, where we learn he also attended the University of Florida, that he calls his wife “Kooky,” that his favorite band is Maroon 5, and that his favorite clothing store is Sears.

Watch the clip: