Kanye Adds Seven More Tracks to ‘The Life of Pablo,’ Will Release it Today


After Tweeting that he wants to be the creative director of Hermes following a series of Tweets addressing Taylor Swift and how he “made her famous,” Kanye West returned to his recent favorite Twitter activity: announcing another change to his album.

But with that Tweet of yet another minor metamorphosis also came the news that The Life of Pablo will also be out today — seemingly regardless of what impact Martin Shkreli thinks he’ll have on the album’s release. Following yesterday’s Tidal-broadcast, Madison Square Garden debut of the album, its actual commercial release would ostensibly mean that writers would stop having to announce every time a change is made to Kanye’s plans, that readers would stop having to read about said changes, and that the world would be at peace, with the addition of another (finished) Kanye album. And so, unless Kanye has figured out a way to continue to change the album ad infinitum after it’s released to the public, this is good news for everyone.

The changes Kanye announced were not to the title, as they’ve frequently been, but rather to the track list, which now boasts 17 songs:

As Consequence of Sound notes, this is far more than a couple additional tracks — rather, it’s seven extras. These added songs include his just-released G.O.O.D Friday song “30 Hours” and the Kendrick collaboration “No Parties in L.A.”