It Seems Dr. Dre Is Making a Dark, Sexual Series About His Emotions for Apple


Apple is joining the ranks of…all of the other corporations that’ve already joined the ranks of…Netflix and Amazon…who joined the ranks of… all those other TV networks when they first introduced original programming into their streaming options.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that the company is making its first television series starring and executive produced by Dr. Dre — who, of course, happens to be a Beats co-founder. It’s purportedly a six-episode series titled Vital Signs, and the journal claims that it’ll probably stream on Apple Music. Dre most recently executive produced and was the subject of the 2015 mega-hit, Straight Outta Compton.

Vital Signs — if that’s indeed what it’s called — sort of sounds like a fragmentary Upside Down, if you replaced its 11-year-old protagonist with Dr. Dre, and, you know, made it into a live-action TV series that’s a half-hour “dark drama with no shortage of violence and sex”: rumor has it that each episode centers on a particular emotion, as it’s experienced by the famous rapper. It’s also alleged that Sam Rockwell and Mo McRae have been cast in the series.

As with the last season of True Detective and the pre-release infamy of its orgy scene, not much is known about the series, but what is known is that an orgy segment was shot on Monday and Tuesday of this week. And of course, according to THR‘s sources, said simulated orgy took place in a mansion.