Lars von Trier Wears Silly Bandana, Makes Bowie Reference, and Announces Filming of His Next Feature


Breaking news: Lars von Trier has taken to Facebook with a new video of himself wearing what looks like a makeshift ninja bandana around his head. Also important: he seems like he’s in a delightful mood about it. Of further importance: after speaking with said handkerchief wrapped around his head for a bit, he says, in a deadpan, “This ain’t rock ‘n’ roll, this is genocide” — which may draw cringes among those recalling certain Hitler jokes — but is in fact a quote from Bowie’s Diamond Dogs track, “Future Legend.” Still important: he then turns, revealing two eye-holes in the side of the handkerchief, reminiscent of what Bowie wore in the “Blackstar” and “Lazarus” video. Oh right, and within all that, there’s this message, which will surely be of importance to von Trier fans:

Allow me to remind you that this year we will be shooting my next feature film, The House that Jack Built.

What’s interesting/new about this is that the project was previously announced as an eight-part TV series rather than a feature film. When the project was first publicized, the executive producer had called it “without precedent.” Whether the one main detail that had been revealed about its plot — that it was about a serial killer, and filmed from that person’s perspective — is still intact in what’s seemingly a new format remains to be seen.


Posted by Lars von Trier on Friday, February 12, 2016