Watch ‘Broad City”s Abbi and Ilana Eat New York


New York City is known for two things: great food, and Broad City. So, obviously, the two need to be brought together in a blind taste test.

The fine folks at Bon Appetit put the Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer in their massive, beautifully appointed test kitchen and forced them to eat things like wasabi caviar and jellyfish pasta and pickled herring from a few of New York City’s hottest foodie spots.

Delis Mile End and Russ and Daughters are heavily spotlit, as well as Mission Chinese’s absurd shaved ice that’s topped with pop rocks. It’s a fun little bit of Broad City #content that does very little other than make us wish the third season were closer. Oh, it’s tomorrow? OK. That’s pretty close.

Watch Abbi and Ilana eat stuff below:

Watch the trailer for the third season even more below: