Sia Sings Songs in a Car with Musical Theater Geek James Corden


James Corden, the most famous British musical theater geek to have made it on to national American television, is at it again. Last night, he aired another installment of his weekly Late Late Show series, “Carpool Karaoke,” this time featuring Sia.

Poor Sia, in that cool wig and bow, forced to fly navigator as James Corden pilots her through the suburbs of Los Angeles, singing songs she has sung hundreds of times before. Sure, it’s fun when Corden makes fun of the way she sings on “Elastic Heart,” mumbling her way through the opening line, “I will stay up through the night,” but do we really need this, America? Must we see popstars through the vantage of the windshield of a car owned by a British man who has stolen one of America’s most sacred posts as host of a second-tier late night show?

Watch the clip below. Corden wears a Sia wig and everything, it gets real cute. And, in case you were wondering, no, they don’t get into a car accident, which is amazing when considering how wildly Corden gesticulates every time he strains toward a high note.