Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump Gets Consoled by ‘Fuller House’ Cast


Jimmy Fallon, master of putting on a wig and calling it a character, last night climbed into bed dressed as Donald Trump on The Tonight Show. Fallon-as-Trump called for his dad. And in walked Bob Saget — with the rest of the Fuller House cast.

The gist of the skit is this: Donnie Trump is scared he’s gonna be called a loser when he doesn’t get the nomination, and so Saget and Dave Coulier have to console him by, I don’t know, pretending that Trump will not be a loser.

Anyway, Fallon’s Trump impression is about what you’d expect, all spray tan and fake hair and bullet-point exaggerations, but it works. And, by god, the charm of the reunited Full House cast just ate away at my ever-present cynicism, even though the Olsen twins really are missed. But enthusiasm aside, seeing an aged Coulier in an oversized hockey jersey (he’s Canadian, get it!) while saying/emoting the classic “cut—it—out!” line is just kind of depressing.

Watch the clip below. Fuller House will drop on Netflix next week, on February 26.