Saoirse Ronan to Star in Another Ian McEwan Adaptation — ‘On Chesil Beach’


Saoirse Ronan will be traveling to a bygone era (the 1960s) that occurred just after that of Brooklyn, in a film about the phase of romance (the honeymoon) that occurs just after that which Brooklyn focuses on. For, according to BBC, Ronan will be starring in the film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel, On Chesil Beach.

Interestingly, apart from how this story of a 1960s honeymoon seems like an uncannily logical follow-up for Ronan to Brooklyn, this project of course has another more concrete connection to her past work. It was Atonement, another McEwan adaptation, that pretty much launched her career and earned her an Oscar nomination when she was 13.

The film is being helmed by former Royal Court Theatre artistic director Dominic Cooke, and produced by the same team as Carol. The book on which it’s based is set on, yes, Chesil Beach, and takes place over the course of an evening during a couple’s honeymoon. It’s a night on which, if the official description isn’t being hyperbolic, “the decisions they make…will resonate throughout their lives.” So presumably, something bad happens.