Watch the Tense Trailer for Cult Drama ‘The Path,’ Starring Aaron Paul


Maybe it’s just the Fleet Foxes talking, but the new, first full trailer for Hulu’s upcoming cult drama The Path is very exciting.

The tense two-minute clip is scored by “White Winter Hymnal,” a song that sounds like it could be about a cult, as Eddie’s (Aaron Paul) relationship with his wife, Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), falls apart. See, he is questioning his devotion to the Path, the cult that reeks of Scientology but is in fact — according to the show’s creators — not any direct analogue to Scientology. Sarah is a lifelong devotee of the Path and Eddie is a newer member who seems to be working with the government to have the Path dismantled. Leader Cal (Hugh Dancey) is not happy about it.

Watch the trailer below. It looks very promising, and it will be especially satisfying to see Paul, Monaghan, and Dancy land on a series that actually has some heft to it after having their successes with Breaking Bad, True Detective, and Hannibal, respectively.

The series will premiere on Hulu on March 30.