Watch Conan’s Brave, Emotional Performance as a Conan-Faced Goldfish on a South Korean TV Series


Conan O’Brien recently travelled to Seoul, South Korea, for another abroad episode of his TBS talk show. While he was there, though, he happened to appear in two episodes of One More Happy Ending, the South Korean romantic comedy TV series about the members of a former girl group who disbanded over a series of personality clashes and who’re now in their 30s and dealing with more everyday adult existences — two of the ex-bandmates are working at a remarriage consulting business, one works as a journalist, another is an elementary school teacher and another works for online shopping mall.

But while their adult lives may not be as wild as their younger years in the music industry, it looks, at least from one of the clips in which Conan appears, as if things are at least still a little out of the ordinary. For Conan’s first episode (of two) on the show sees him portraying a goldfish with a Conan O’Brien face. It’s a brief performance, but like Charlize Theron in Monster or Mike Meyers in Shrek, the transformation he’s undergone displays a remarkable lack of vanity, a willingness to transcend the superficial lens of The Industry and devote himself both physically and emotionally to a character in a way I personally can’t imagine the Emmys ignoring:

In his second appearance, however, he does revert to having a human body. He plays himself as a customer/businessman at actress Jang Na-ra’s character Han Mi-mo’s remarriage business. He goes in looking to be set up with his soulmate, but instead is struck by her beauty, and then he sensually eats an almond and tells her she’s who he’s looking for (in a moment recalling the earlier fish hallucination):

Via Entertainment Weekly.