Listen to the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas Cover the Velvet Undergound’s “Run Run Run”


Have you ever thought, while listening to The Velvet Underground’s “Run Run Run,” “Man, this would be way better if Julian Casablancas was singing it, perhaps in his best Lou Reed impression?” Well, if so, consider your wish granted.

HBO has just released audio of Casablancas singing the 1967 classic, and he sounds just like Lou Reed! You can even imagine Casablancas in the studio, wearing cool shades and a leather jacket so bedazzled that Lou Reed probably would’ve called it “dickish,” as he sings karaoke to the Velvet Underground’s original. Oh, also, this is of course from HBO’s just-renewed rock ‘n’ roll show Vinyl.

As Noisey reports, this is evidence that the show contains a fictionalized version of the Velvet Underground, which we can confirm is true, having seen the second episode of the show. Noisey also confirms that the ex-drummer of The Drums will play Lou Reed, so it’s clear that Martin Scorsese has his fingers on the pulse of the indie scene.

Listen to the Casablancas belt it out below.

Here’s the original.