‘Orphan Black’ Season 4 Has a Release Date — and a New Trailer


BBC America has announced the release date for the fourth season of its hit sci-fi clone show Orphan Black, along with a new trailer.

The latest adventures of Tatiana Maslany’s clone sisters will air on Thursdays, beginning on April 14. The trailer, which you can watch below, finds our heroes going back to their past to figure out the truth of the clone conspiracy! Why are there clones? Who is cloning people? Why do all of the clones have such different hairstyles? Who is the clone stylist? Does the government assign each clone its own stylist? Are the stylists all clones of one another, too? How deep does the clone conspiracy go, and how do they afford all of the hair product?

Either way, it was reported in Variety that the show’s creators wanted to immerse the show in a sea of paranoia again, and the trailer illustrates that pretty well.

Watch the trailer below.