Prisoners Paint Portraits of White-Collar Criminals Who Should Be Serving Time


The Captured Project is a series of artworks by people in prison who drew and painted the people they felt should be in prison, including CEOs of major companies “destroying our environment, economy, and society.” The project is meant to “help expose crimes masquerading as commerce.” Each portrait is accompanied by information about the subject and the heinous crimes the prisoner feels they have committed, along with information about the prisoner’s crimes. The images have been compiled into a book, which we first spotted on Dangerous Minds, and all proceeds will be used to help Bernie Sanders in the presidential race.

Sepp Blatter, former president of FIFA, oversaw a company engaged in theft and supporting slave labor, painted by Lewis Walters (PRISON ID #38699-007), serving 72 years for assault with intent to commit murder.

Stuart Gulliver, Group Chief Executive of HSBC, oversees a company engaged in conspiracy and fraud, painted by Mario “A.B.” Beltran (PRISON ID #437846), serving 3.5 years for receiving stolen goods.

Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico, oversees a company engaged in accessory to murder and conspiracy to deceive, painted by John Vercusky (PRISON ID #55341-066), serving 22 years for armed robbery.

Ben Van Beurden, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, oversees a company engaged in accomplice to murder and reckless endangerment, painted by Mitchell Hand (PRISON ID #054005), serving 33 years for selling stolen goods and burglary (with priors).

Brady Dougan, former CEO of Credit Suisse, oversaw a company engaged in conspiracy and treason, painted by Jerry Lee Jenkins (PRISON ID #03339-087), serving 18 years for bank robbery.

Clarence Otis, Jr., former CEO of Darden Restaurants, oversaw a company engaged in corporate welfare abuse and deception, painted by Mark Crawford (PRISON ID #76603-079), serving life in prison for murder, kidnapping, racketeering, and fraud related charges.

Michael Corbat, CEO of Citigroup, oversees a company engaged in conspiracy and economic destruction, painted by Garrett Rushing (PRISON ID #10706-091), serving 17 years for drug trafficking with a firearm and possession with intent to distribute (over 500 grams of meth).

John S. Watson, CEO of Chevron, oversees a company engaged in bribery and accessory to rape and murder, painted by Daniel Raines (PRISON ID #10662419), serving 3 years for possession of stolen vehicle (2 times).