Drake Killed it at a Girl’s Bat Mitzvah This Weekend


There’s an alternate universe where Drake performed at your bar- or bat Mitzvah: In this one, it happened to someone else.

A trio of short videos have surfaced of Drake performing at a New York bat mitzvah Saturday night. In the videos, posted by Drake fan site Word on Road, you can watch him singing “Hotline Bling,” “Summer Sixteen” and his remix of “My Way.” I say “watch” because “listen” would be misleading — you will mostly hear the tweens singing along.

Did Drake just make the greatest bar/bat mitzvah cameo of all time? Whether or not you think he’s stolen the crown from current queen Nicki Minaj, this is an absurdist performance for the ages.

It’s hard to say how this party compared to Drake’s bar mitzvah, which he re-enacted for his “HYFR” music video. It does, however, beg the question: What’s better, going to Drake’s party, or having him perform at yours?