Watch Drake and Rihanna Work It in the Video for “Work”


“Work,” the first official single from Rihanna’s ANTI, finally has a video. And just as the song demands, the video features Rihanna, Drake, and too many people in a too-small club working, working, working, working, working, working, and working.

According to an establishing shot, the place is Toronto, Drake’s hometown, and he and Rihanna are in a dimly lit bar as the snaky beat wriggles its way, somehow, to the seven-minute mark, nothing much happening other than the two relocating to a private, purple room where Rihanna wears a sheer top and Drake continues looking good with a beard — which is to say, after four minutes or so, it gets a little NSFW. It is, essentially, made of two disparate videos, neither of which is terribly interesting.

Watch the video below.