Watch the Animated Sex Tales of Pamela Des Barres, the Original Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupie


Pamela Des Barres, teacher and author of I’m with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie, has been around rock ‘n’ roll for so long that she witnessed the creation and evolution of the term “groupie.” She talks about that, and also about being attacked by Jim Morrisson’s longtime partner, Pam Courson, in an animated, short documentary by Evan York and Ramy Katrib.

In the 8-minute clip, Des Barres talks about her experiences with Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page, with whom Des Barres experienced an orgasm so wild that she swears she hallucinated “towers of lime green sherbet” erupting from her body. She also speaks of Keith Moon, who apparently dumped a box of Tide into the fountain of a Los Angeles hotel.

There are more, equally great stories in the clip, but it’d be no fun if I spoiled them all. Ultimately, the interview serves as a good reminder that Des Barres (and, perhaps, groupies in general) has more substance than the word “groupie” might otherwise connote. Be sure to actually watch the video, too, as the animations are at times hilarious — especially during the Page-induced orgasms that result in the eruptions of lime sherbet. It is only slightly NSFW.