HBO Continues to Torment You With ‘GoT’ Season 6 Posters of “Dead” Characters


The Game of Thrones posters for each season usually make bold but cryptic statements — recall “All men must die” or “Winter is coming” — while often casting characters’ faces in dramatic light. But, like a recent teaser trailer, HBO’s just-shared Game of Thrones Season 6 posters cast characters in a…dead light. With no accompanying text. As in, everyone appears dead. HBO is clearly loving this.

Also, as in the teaser trailer, the faces of these characters appear in what looks to be the Hall of Faces, the chamber where the skinned visages of the fallen rest. We see the same mixture of people we know are dead, people we know aren’t dead (and then wonder if it’s foreshadowing or trolling), and people we’re worried could be dead (but pretty much deep down know aren’t — or at least won’t be for long). The last person I’m referring to is, of course, Jon Snow, while the class of totally-still-alive-characters-who-appear-dead-in-these-posters includes the likes of Daenerys Targaryen and Jaime Lannister, and the very-definitely-dead include even the skull-crushed Oberyn Martell.

Check out the posters:

Season 6 premieres April 24.