Kanye Tweeted Again, This Time Claiming a New Album Is Coming This Summer


Breaking news: Today, Kanye West tweeted again. One of the tweets said that he has a new album coming this summer.

Kanye also tweeted about the Grammys.

(This is March Madness.)

Kanye insists he isn’t crazy, just free.

Also, he learned what it means to be “woke,” thanks probably to a text from Wiz Khalifa.

And, in case you didn’t know, he loves Kanye.

He ended with this, though there’s never really an end to a Twitter feed, that’s why it’s called a feed: constantly being shoved at us, forcing us to chew it up with our blogging fingers and digest it into news posts. The Internet is Kanye’s stomach, only it’s endless and so it will never be full, and so Kanye will keep filling it with tweets and shoes and Vanessa Beecroft performances at Madison Square Garden. We are all Kanye’s stomach, and Kanye is all of our mouths.

Stay woke, Kanye.

Do you guys remember My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the way “Power” actually had a chorus, the way “Monster” helped launch the career of Nicki Minaj, the way “All of the Lights” talked about meeting an ex-girlfriend in a Borders?

Will this new album, coming this summer, be as good as MBDTF? Will it make all of us doubters woke to the genius of Kanye? Will it even be as good as The Life of Pablo?

To end, here’s a tweet from another influential musician.

Kanye once rapped that “no one man should have all that power,” and it turns out he was talking about Twitter.