Watch Macklemore’s Very Serious Video for ‘Kevin,’ ft. Leon Bridges


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are two serious artists, guys. They have a Grammy, all right? And now they have a very intense black-and-white video for their new song “Kevin,” featuring Leon Bridges.

The song, which is from the forthcoming follow-up to The Heist, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, takes the duo’s winning formula of rap + cool singer on the chorus = likely radio hit, and amps it up a notch. The video, for what it’s worth, is just Macklemore and Leon Bridges walking around a house, singing about the American Dream, continuing to address Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ guilt re: white privilege. It’s all framed by the problem of overprescription of medication to America’s unruly youth. It’s an OK idea that is definitely elevated by Bridges’ timeless voice.

Like I said, it’s very intense, very serious, very message-heavy hip hop. Watch the video below. This Unruly Mess I’ve Made is out February 26 — also known as tomorrow.