Ariana Grande Will Be Both Host and Musical Guest on ‘SNL’


Great news, fans of people who lick donuts in public places and say they “hate America”: Ariana Grande — a person who has done both of those things! — is hosting Saturday Night Live on March 12.

Grande announced the gig(s) on her website, Dangerous Woman, in a section she calls “tea.” Today’s tea time was that she is hosting and performing at the show, a thing that she claimed gave her a “minor heart attack,” but “by minor” she meant “major,” so she was having a major heart attack about it, but in a really roundabout way, as if the heart attack had had its own bypass, independent of any bypass she may have to have as a result of a major heart attack.

She also noted that she would be performing the song “Dangerous Woman,” which is also the title of her upcoming album.

Grande hasn’t released any new music in a while, just snippets. Listen to an teaser of “Be Alright” below.

And here’s “Focus,” her last official single.

Also, don’t forget: Grande got her start as an actor!