Yoko Ono Wrote a Listicle for ‘Us Weekly’: “I Miss John Every Day”


Love her or hate her, Yoko Ono sure is Yoko Ono. She continued being Yoko Ono by writing a listicle by her, Yoko Ono, for Us Weekly.

The list doesn’t seem to be tied to any particular occasion other than Yoko Ono wanting to express herself on a broader platform, which is just about all the justification Yoko Ono should ever need for writing anything for Us Weekly. Here are some of the sweetest, oddest moments from the 25-point list she made up for the website:

“6. I prefer doing the Dougie to krumping.”

“15. I’m Japanese, but sometimes I feel I am Swiss-German.”

“17. I’m happiest performing heavy rock on stage. But I listen to only Brecht or Schoenberg at home.”

“21. People tell me I’m 83. But it’s hard to believe that, because I feel 43.”

“25. Maybe people already know this, but I miss John every day.”

Read the full piece here.