The Best Ways to Spend Your Lunch Hour (Other Than #PerrierLunchBreak)


Can’t make it to Lunch Break in LA or NYC? We know it can be difficult to convince bosses to let you ditch your desk and dance for an hour. But there are other ways to make your lunchtime more extraordinary. We’ve rounded up several options to stream, read, play, and listen to on your break. With these recommendations and a Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, add a burst of exuberance to your afternoon!

Catch up on Your Podcasts

Didn’t finish the latest episode of Serial on your morning commute? Now’s the perfect time. Already finished Serial? We’ve got recommendations for TONS of podcasts — from the Best Culture Podcasts to Essential Comedy Podcasts, Film Podcasts, and the Creepiest Podcasts online. Way better than mindlessly scrolling through Facebook for an hour.

Stream It

The beauty of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon is that your account is accessibly from anywhere. So go ahead and pop some popcorn in the office kitchen, book a conference room, dim the lights, and dig in. We’re constantly updating our Streaming Movie Guide with the best movies to stream each week. As for TV, recommendations abound: We’ve recently lauded Superstore , The Magicians , 11.22.63 , Black-ish , and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver . See what’s coming to Netflix this month for even more ideas.


Would you ever disobey David Bowie? We thought not. Flavorwire has recently launched an ambitious longform category — these are lengthy pieces that require a more substantial chunk of time and attention than your average slideshow. Catch up on cultural news and insightful critique with stories about the TV-novel complex, activist punk band Downtown Boys, and how slavery is being depicted in children’s books. Looking for entire books to sink your teeth into? We’ve got recommendations there, too: 25 Books About Americans Abroad, new must-read books for the month, Mira Ptacin’s harrowing yet hopeful memoir, Poor Your Soul , or the brilliant, under-appreciated books in this year’s National Book Critics Circle shortlist.

Rock Out

We know you’d rather bust a move on the dance floor at Lunch Break, but if that’s not possible, feel free to chair dance to our custom Lunch Break Spotify playlist. Or, check out The 5 Best Songs We Heard This Week, Fiona Apple and Andrew Bird’s new duet, Lorde’s Bowie tribute, FKA Twig’s recent Tonight Show performance, or Charlie XCX’s new Sophie-produced track. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you on the cutting edge.


Nothing recharges your batteries like a brief mindful moment. There are several apps you can download (we’re fans of Calm and Headspace) to guide beginners into a meditation practice. Companies like Mindfresh will give you extra tools to bring mindfulness to your entire office. A five-, ten-, or 20-minute meditation will refresh your mind, gearing you up to tackle the rest of your day.

Work Out / Stretch Break

You’ve refreshed your mind, now re-energize your body. If you’re lucky enough to work near your gym or yoga studio, drop in for a class, or hop on the treadmill for 45 minutes. If you’re in a gym-free zone, hit the pavement and go for a run. Our sister site Everup has dozens of fitness tips and hacks to help you out. And don’t underestimate the power of a good stretch break. Some light stretching will get your blood pumping and work out the crick in your neck from hunching over your laptop.